Christmas Phrases

Christmas Phrases


The festive season is ON and yes one of the major festivals is all around. Yes, we are talking about Christmas. Everyone is in a Christmas mood right now and soon thereafter will be a new year. We have a lot of Christmas phrases for various moods.

Let’s go and see what is there in Santa’s phrasal box.

Merry Christmas!!!

Yeah, of course, this one is the most common phrase we use while greeting Christmas to each other. This means a happy and cheerful Christmas.

So Merry Christmas guys.

Trim the Tree

It simply means to remove an extra portion of the Christmas tree and decorate the tree with various ornaments and lights.


Did you trim the tree for the Christmas celebration?

Quit Cold Turkey

This means to quit or leave a habit instantly that is harmful to you.


  • I love to drink tea a lot but I have to quit it cold turkey due to deleterious effects caused by high consumption.
  • Joy quit smoking cold turkey as high consumption caused the problem in his liver.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

This means that never be ungrateful to someone who gave you a gift or towards something that is received as a gift.


If Dan has given you Christmas gift then don’t look a gift horse in the mouth by disregarding his gift.

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Stocking stuffer

This can be said as a small present for Christmas which is filled in Christmas stocking.


Bob, an 11-year-old boy found a bunch of chocolate as a stocking stuffer on the edge of his bed.

The Holiday Spirit

This is a very positive feeling related to the holidays. When you feel much positive during your holiday period, this is the holiday spirit.


I bought a lot of Christmas gifts for my friends. This gave me the holiday spirit.

Deck the Halls

This phrase is used in the context of Christmas. This means to decorate for Christmas. It does not mean to decorate only halls. These decorations may include small items of Christmas decorations like ribbon, ornaments for Christmas tree, Christmas lights, etc.or the decoration of the main door/entrance for the welcome of guests.


Mike, deck the halls for Christmas celebration.


Everyone is familiar with the laughing of Santa. This phrase is used to show the presence of Santa. Santa brings a lot of happiness and gifts with his laughing.


Ho!Ho!Ho! Santa is here. Merry Christmas.

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