Phrasal verbs with Act

When we study phrasal verbs, the best way is to study them by words they are associated with. In this article, we are going to learn phrasal verbs with act word in them.

Phrasal Verbs with Act

Act On

Meaning- To act in a situation.

Examples- Tomorrow is your exam. You should act on rather wasting your time.

Remarks- Use of accordingly will be superfluous after act on.

Act Out

Meaning- Communication through actions rather than words.

Examples-Dumb people act out to convey their talks. 

Act Out

Meaning- Expressing one’s thoughts/ideas by means of actions.

Example-   A group of students acted out on in the ground to show their protest on poor management.

Act Out

Meaning- To behave in a bad manner.

Examples- Bobby is a good boy but he always acts out by breaking grocery when he is angry.  

Act Out

Meaning-  To perform a fantasy role in real life.

Example- I always wanted to act out as Cinderella in the play. That is why I am very happy today after acting out this role.

Act Up

Meaning- To act in a bad manner or to misbehave.

Examples- Our dog always acts up after seeing a stranger.

Act Upon

Meaning- To act according to the given information.

Example- Police acted on to maintain the law and order when they received the information about the protest.

Phrasal verbs with act
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