143 Different Ways to Say I Love You

143 Different Ways to Say I Love You on this valentine’s day

Valentine’s week is here and everyone is busy to make this week’s celebration special. Someone is already with his/her beloved one but some are there who are still waiting to convey their message to their beloved. They are finding new ideas to express their love. Here we got a chance to learn vocabulary in Valentine’s mood. If you are shy to express your love by saying I love you then you can use this Valentine’s vocabulary to express your feelings. If you use this vocabulary, this will definitely make an impact greater than I love you.

Let us learn 143 different ways to propose your counterpart.

  1. You are a perfect match for me.
  2. I’m addicted to you.
  3. I adore you.
  4. I have fallen for you.
  5. I am crazy about you.
  6. You are my sunshine.
  7. You are my everything.
  8. I want to grow old with you.
  9. I want you by my side always.
  10. You are the only one on my mind always.
  11. My life is nothing without you.
  12. I feel complete with you.
  13. I want to hold your hand forever.
  14. Will you be my valentine forever?
  15. I want to celebrate every Valentine with you until death.
  16. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  17. You are the one who lights my life.
  18. You are priceless to me.
  19. I’m grateful to God for having you.
  20. Without you, I’m just half a soul. 
  21. “Hey! Do you know what does the space between your fingers means?” Because of my fingers fit there perfectly.
  22. I want to live my life with you.
  23. I think you are the one whom I need.
  24. When you are in front of me, I forget myself too.
  25. I want to be lost in you forever.
  26. Without you, there is only darkness in my life. Will out light up my whole life?
  27. You are my whole world.
  28. I always want your presence around me.
  29. Your presence makes me happy.
  30.  There is an unseen bond between us. 
  31. I am nothing without you.
  32. You are the one I was waiting for.
  33. I want to tolerate your tantrums for my whole life.
  34. To be with you is all that I want.
  35. You are the treasure of my life. I want to keep safe you in my eyes.
  36. I want to sit beside you and enjoy all the seasons of life.
  37. Would you like to cook for my whole life?
  38. I want to complete my journey of life with you.
  39. Life is a beautiful journey. Do you want to become my companion?
  40. If you are with me, it doesn’t matter how hard the situation is.
  41. I’m fond of you.
  42. Whenever I see you, guitars start playing around me.
  43. You are the reason for life to become beautiful.
  44. I can find no better match for me than you.
  45. Everyone is the envy of our pair.
  46. I’m in love with you.
  47. You look like my wife. Oh no! I am not married yet.
  48. You are the reason behind my smile.
  49. Together we make a cute couple.
  50. Hey! You are my luck factor. I want to keep my luck factor with me always.
  51. You mean to me a lot.
  52. You are the special one in my life.
  53. If one side is you and another side is the whole world, I will choose you.
  54. We look good together.
  55. I want to cut my marriage cake with you.
  56. I am crazy about you.
  57. I don’t like sharing, but I can share myself with you.
  58. I want to be the reason behind your laughter always.
  59. I love you for what you are.
  60. I want to shower my love over you.
  61. I need you by my side always.
  62. I want to become your identity.
  63. I am completely devoted to you.
  64. You are my soulmate.
  65. You not only stole my heart but my sleep also.
  66. You are the poem I want to read my whole life.
  67. You are the music of my life.
  68. You are the motivation for my doings.
  69. Every time I see you, I see my whole life.
  70. You are the first and the last thought of my day.
  71. Thinking about you is what I do all the time.
  72. Whenever I see you, a beat of my heart skips.
  73. I want to be with you in all ups and downs of life.
  74. God sent you on this earth for me.
  75. You are like a cup of tea in winter, giving warmth to me.
  76. I need a complete life to spend with you.
  77. I love you to the moon and back.
  78. I can’t wait for the day when your name will contain my surname.
  79. I want to take your responsibilities.
  80. You are the peanut butter of my bread.
  81. I want you more than anything.
  82. You cherish me.
  83. You make me a better person to live.
  84. I know I’ll be adorable when you are with me.
  85. I feel like home with you.
  86. I have a passion for you.
  87. I am obsessed with you.
  88. You are incredible.
  89. You are an inspiration to me.
  90. You are the miracle of my life.
  91. You are the best thing happened to me.
  92. We are meant to be together.
  93. I want to ride the roller coaster of life with you.
  94. I want to hear your voice for life.
  95. You are like a drug. I want more and more of you.
  96. My search for a life partner completed at you.
  97. I was in search of happiness and then I found you.
  98. When you hold my hand, I feel that you are the one.
  99. God sent you as a blessing to me.
  100. I am unable to express my feelings for you in words.
  101. My bond with you is unbreakable.
  102. You are a beautiful greenery in my life.
  103. In your presence, I feel a soothing calmness.
  104. Will you be a part of my family?
  105. I will make sure your face has a smile on it always.
  106. Let’s roll a dice. If it is six then I’m yours otherwise you are mine.
  107. The key to my heart is in your heart.
  108. We are best friends. I think we can be the best partners too.
  109. I surrendered myself to you even without knowing. Now how can I stay away from you when I know you?
  110. You are petrichor to me in the rainy season.
  111. Destiny is much powerful. Only destiny made you my destiny.
  112. I want to stand with you while holding hands.
  113. You are not a part of my life but mine. How can I lose a part of me?
  114. Hey! Never leave me. The void created in your absence can not be filled.
  115. Three words’ beautiful story, “you and me”.
  116. I hold your hand not to leave.
  117. I will make sure that nothing wrong happens to you ever.
  118. My life without you will be painful and restless.
  119. When I saw you for the first time butterflies were in my stomach.
  120. You are the first ray of sun in my life.
  121. I feel fearless while speaking in front of you and I love this.
  122. My feelings for you are not momentarily.
  123. When I’m with you, I forget all about the rest of the world.
  124. I can do anything. What I need is just your support.
  125. I thought I have an infatuation with you but it is more than that.
  126. With the passage of time, my addiction towards you went stronger.
  127. Together we can make impossible to possible.
  128. I feel so possessive for you that I can’t bear anyone else around you.
  129. You came to my life as I wanted someone to come.
  130. My life is empty without you.
  131. I feel complete hangover of moments spends with you.
  132. Every moment spends with you is a complete life in itself.
  133. I can leave anything to be just with you.
  134. Even hearing your voice makes me feel good and gives goosebumps.
  135. I want to walk with you while holding your hand.
  136. Hey! Slowly you took over my time and now I want to make it our time forever.
  137. Whenever I feel fear of anything, your trust in me makes me confident.
  138. You are the reason behind my restlessness but you are the only solution to it.
  139. The journey from “why are we together” to “we should be together” is beautiful.
  140. For me, the definition of wrong and right is beyond you.
  141. Now, you are part of my dreams too where I was alone before.
  142. “Hey! Will my place be mine forever”?
  143.  Why did you happen to me? If happened, then why not forever?
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Let us know which line you liked the most in the comments. Happy Valentine’s day.

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