Phrasal Verbs with Away

Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with away, arranged in alphabetical order, along with their meanings and examples.

Break Away

Meaning: To separate oneself from a group or situation.
Example: She broke away from the tour to explore on her own.

Cast Away

Meaning: To throw something away or to abandon someone.
Example: He cast away his old clothes.

Do Away With

Meaning: To eliminate or get rid of something.
Example: Many people think we should do away with outdated laws.

Fade Away

Meaning: To gradually disappear or diminish.
Example: The music faded away as we walked further from the concert.

Give Away

Meaning: To give something as a gift or to reveal a secret.
Example: She gave away her old clothes to charity.

Run Away

Meaning: To escape or flee from a place.
Example: The cat ran away from home.

Take Away

Meaning: To remove something.
Example: The waiter took away the empty plates.

Throw Away

Meaning: To dispose of something that is no longer needed.
Example: Don’t throw away the receipt; we might need it later.

Turn Away

Meaning: To refuse entry or to reject someone.
Example: They had to turn away several people because the event was full.

Walk Away

Meaning: To leave a situation or to abandon something.
Example: It was a tough decision, but he walked away from the job offer.

This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good starting point for understanding phrasal verbs with away. Each phrasal verb has its own unique meaning, so it’s important to practice them in context to fully understand how to use them.

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