Phrasal Verbs with Bring

Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with bring, arranged in alphabetical order, along with their meanings and examples.

Bring About

Meaning: To cause something to happen.
Example: The new law will bring about changes in the healthcare system.

Bring Along

Meaning: To take someone or something with you when you go somewhere.
Example: Can I bring my friend along to the party?

Bring Back

Meaning: To return something or someone, or to revive or recall a memory.
Example: This song brings back memories of my youth.

Bring Down

Meaning: To cause to fall or to depress.
Example: The news really brought him down.

Bring Forth

Meaning: To produce or introduce something.
Example: The company is planning to bring forth a new product line.

Bring In

Meaning: To introduce or produce something, or to earn money.
Example: The new policy will bring in more revenue.

Bring Out

Meaning: To produce or introduce something, or to highlight a quality.
Example: The spices really bring out the flavor of the dish.

Bring Over

Meaning: To take something or someone from one place to another.
Example: Can you bring over some snacks for the party?

Bring Up

Meaning: To mention or introduce a topic.
Example: She brought up the issue during the meeting.

Bring Upon

Meaning: To cause something to happen to someone, often something negative.
Example: He brought upon himself a lot of trouble.

This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good starting point for understanding phrasal verbs with bring. Each phrasal verb has its own unique meaning, so it’s important to practice them in context to fully understand how to use them.

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