Phrasal Verbs with Carry

Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with carry, arranged in alphabetical order, along with their meanings and examples.

Carry Away

Meaning: To become overly excited or emotional.
Example: Don’t get carried away; it’s just a small win.

Carry On

Meaning: To continue doing something.
Example: Carry on with your work; don’t let me disturb you.

Carry Out

Meaning: To complete or perform a task.
Example: They carried out the experiment as planned.

Carry Over

Meaning: To transfer something from one situation to another.
Example: The skills you learn here will carry over to your next job.

Carry Through

Meaning: To complete or accomplish something despite difficulties.
Example: She carried through her promise to finish the project on time.

This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good starting point for understanding phrasal verbs with carry. Each phrasal verb has its own unique meaning, so it’s important to practice them in context to fully understand how to use them.

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