Phrasal Verbs with Get

There are many phrasal verbs with get which may not necessarily be included in a single article. Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with “get”, arranged in alphabetical order, along with their meanings and examples.

Get About

Meaning: To move or travel around.

Example: After his surgery, it was difficult for him to get about.

Get Across

Meaning: To successfully communicate an idea or message.

Example: The teacher found it hard to get the concept across to the students.

Get Ahead

Meaning: To progress or advance in life.

Example: He’s taking extra courses to get ahead in his career.

Get Along

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.

Example: Do you get along with your neighbors?

Get Around

Meaning: To find a way to do something, especially if there is an obstacle.

Example: We need to get around the problem of limited funds.

Get At

Meaning: To reach or access something.

Example: The cookies are on the top shelf, and I can’t get at them.

Get Away

Meaning: To escape or take a break.

Example: We plan to get away for the weekend.

Get Back

Meaning: To return to a place.

Example: When will you get back from your trip?

Get By

Meaning: To manage or survive, usually in a difficult situation.

Example: She gets by with a small salary, but it’s not easy.

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Get Down

Meaning: To feel sad or depressed.

Example: The constant rain really gets me down.

Get In

Meaning: To enter a place or vehicle.

Example: She got in the car and drove away.

Get Into

Meaning: To become interested or involved in something.

Example: She got into painting during the summer.

Get Off

Meaning: To leave a vehicle like a bus, train, or airplane.

Example: We need to get off at the next stop.

Get On

Meaning: To board a vehicle.

Example: She got on the bus at 9 a.m.

Get Out

Meaning: To leave a place.

Example: Let’s get out of here; it’s too crowded.

Get Over

Meaning: To recover from something, like an illness or a sad event.

Example: It took him months to get over the flu.

Get Through

Meaning: To successfully complete or endure a task or period of time.

Example: How did you get through the exam?

Get Up

Meaning: To rise from a sitting or lying position.

Example: I usually get up at 7 a.m. to prepare for work.

Get With

Meaning: To understand or catch up with something.

Example: You need to get with the program.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers many of the common phrasal verbs that use “get.” Each phrasal verb has its own unique meaning, so it’s important to practice them in context to fully understand how to use them.

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